Service Day Project Opportunities for Friday, April 8th


Option 1      Mozambique Animal Protection Society

Participants:        30

Location:   Eduardo Mondlane University Campus

Time:                         07h30 – 14h30

Organization:      MAPS is recently registered as an NGO, whose sole purpose is to try to provide a better life for the working and domestic animals in Mozambique. MAPS aim is to educate school children about the health care for their animals, to involve children with animal activities, and to prevent cruelty, abuse and neglect of animals. MAPS also aims to ban the practice of backyard docking of tails, to provide free rabies clinics, and where possible, the spaying/ neutering of dogs and cats.

Action:        The delegates will be doing a variety of activities. This will include painting the outside and the inside of 12 kennel buildings.  Assembling beds for the dogs and place the beds in the kennels for the animals.


Option 2     Pinta Vida

Participants:        20

Location:   Munhuana

Time:             8h30 until 12hoo

Organization:      This organisation recycles banners donated by local businesses and corporations into fashionable bags. It provides vocational training and income for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Pinta Vida empowers people through economic engagement and helps to fight against poverty by providing a steady income. The aim is to provide those affected by HIV/AIDS with a sense of purpose and hope for the Future.

Action:        The activity is to help clean banners and cut bags


Option 3     Project Purpose Children’s Centre

Participants:        20

Location:   Tchumene (10km past Matola)

Time:            6h30 -14h30

Organization:     “Building firm foundations one brick at a time”

                                                Project Purpose is a Mozambican Christian NGO working to see the Princesses who are prostituted on the streets of Maputo, spiritually and emotionally restored and reintegrated into their families. Project Purpose offers opportunities for transformation through Bible based teachings, practical and academic skills training, recreational activities and community service projects. Project Purpose works directly with the female family members and whoever sent them to the streets.

Action:         We will be working at the children’s home, where the Princesses’s children are kept until they are in a situation where they can be reunited with their children.  We will build a chicken coop, and a rabbit hutch.  We will create a new and clean environment for the children to play.





Option 4     CARE Urban Water Project

Participants:        20 (2 groups of 10 each)

Location:   CARE Mozambique Av. Mártires de Mueda, Nº 596

Time:             7h30 - 14h30

Organization:      WSUP (Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor) is a tri-sector partnership between the private sector, civil society and academia focused on addressing the increasing global problem of inadequate access to water and sanitation for the urban poor and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets, particularly those relating to water and sanitation. CARE is one of the WSUP members and is hosting the Maputo WSUP project.

Action:         A sanitation block needs to be painted. Piping for household water connections must be dug in and taps fitted.



Option 5     Rainha da Paz Community School

Participants:        50

Location:    Polana Caniço A

Time:             7h30 – 14h30

Organization:      The school  has approx. 250 students and receives a budget for books and teachers’ salaries only; the bulk of the children attending this school come from poverty backgrounds.

Action:         We will be painting the surrounding wall with murals of life in Mozambique, and potting plants to create a greener environment. A tyre swing is to be built into the only standing tree on the property.



Option 6     Project Liberty International

Participants:        40

Location:   Children’s home

Time:             7h30 - 14h30

Organization:      Project Liberty goal is to provide family homes for orphaned, abandoned, abused, under-privileged, HIV/AIDS children and youth. We work in small group homes focusing on providing a family environment and work with the children socially, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Project Liberty’s focus is on equipping community children and young people through academic education as well as providing vocational training opportunities

Action:         Come and help us repaint several rooms after a house fire! Brighten our orphan children's lives with a splash of color on our walls! Help build a swing set and join in games and craft-making and build lasting memories with our Treasure Children at Project Liberty International!





Option 7     What’s in Waste

Participants:        20

Location:   The Deaf School

Time:             8h30 - 14h30

Organization:      In September 2010 we, three international women, started to think about waste.  Walking around Maputo, it is clear that there is a pressing need to treat waste in a different manner.  " What is in Waste". On the basis of plastic bags and empty juice packages, we started to develop some products such as colourful purses. We realised that product development should be combined with market development. Besides having fun with this and getting in contact with other people (also abroad) we have a twofold objective: 1. Stimulate another way of thinking about waste (‘what is in waste’ ) and 2. Develop economically viable options for Mozambicans based on the re-use of waste.

Action:        Making wallets and purses and other things from juices boxes and milk cartons  and making jewelry from recycled product. Interacting and working through different forms of communication with a group of local children from the deaf school. This is the implementation of an income generating project for students from the deaf school.



Option 8     Escola Communitaria

Participants:        10

Location:   Polana Caniço B

Time:            7h30- 14h30

Organization:      Escola Communitaria Polana Caniço B is a private local school.  It caters for over 500 children aged 5-14. It is managed by a small group of 5 teachers. AISM, in partnership with the American Embassy, is helping to rebuild the school buildings.  One classroom has been completed and we are currently working on building the second classroom. This activity will include mixing cement, digging foundations, carry water and general building tasks.  We also have a brick making plant that has been created by the students of AISM, but is now running independently.  Brick making activities will be included in this service day project

Action:        Participants will engage in brick making; mixing cement and molding the bricks.  As well as general building duties such as; water collection, cement work, digging and plastering.  Possibly some painting too.



Option 9     Livro Aberto

Participants:        20 – 30

Location:   Community center in Triunfo

Time:             7h30 – 14h30

Organization:      Livro Aberto (Portuguese for “Open Book”) partners with Mozambican communities to provide access to sound literacy experiences for children, fostering skills requisite for success with reading, writing and storytelling. Focusing on creating enthusiasm for lifelong learning, Livro Aberto believes stories can open doors for children and their caregivers. Since 2010, Livro Aberto’s volunteers have trained readers, implemented weekly mobile libraries for children in Costa do Sol and helped children portray and create books. Livro Aberto sees a need for a public children’s literacy center in the Maputo area to serve as a hands-on training center for librarians.

Action:         As cultures of reading are rare in Mozambique, a key role of volunteers is to model a spirit of enthusiasm as we promote literacy! Volunteers of many languages encourage child-led “reading” of pictures and words and participate in a Readers’ Theatre. These shared experiences will leave a lasting impact in the minds of children in Dona Elana’s Quarteirão #8. Partnering with young adults from the neighborhood, volunteers will cook a meal and help kids paint chalkboards to double as working surfaces. We’ll give away books and help children to make their own, thereby increasing access to meaningful print material in the community.


Option 10   Rural School – Ms. Colleen

Participants:        50

Location:    Babole

Time:            6h30 – 14h30

Organization:     This is a rural government primary school with 430 students.  The school has 8 staff members and 4 classrooms.  The school runs 2 sessions a day to accommodate all the students in the 4 rooms.  72 of the students live in child- headed homes (in other words, the oldest sibling becomes the parent) and have been orphaned primarily as a result of AIDS. Despite the hardships in the community  the school is relentless in its efforts to give the children a happy, healthy learning environment.

Action:        Several projects will be run at the school during the course of the morning.  These include, art workshops dealing with primary health care, deforestation and littering, soccer and volleyball  games, litter control and management workshops and tree planting.